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This Master’s degree will strengthen your skills and competences to generate strategies that deepen the development, change and transformation of the local health sector, in order to strengthen it and improve service delivery.

Granting title:
Master in Business Administration of Health
2 years (4 semesters, 52 academic credits)
knows the flexibility of schedules that this program has.
$ 39,520,000
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SNIES: 102894, Res. No. 16208 of the Mineducación – 11/15/13, valid 15/11/20. Place of development: Bogotá D.C., Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America.

Tolima University

University of Tolima: SNIES 1207 | Ordinance no. 005, Departmental Assembly of Tolima – 05/21/45 | Guarded Mineducation.

SNIES: 104371, Res. No. 4746 of the Mineducación – 04/15/15, valid 15/04/22. Place of development: Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia, South America.
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University of Cauca

University of Cauca: SNIES 1110 | Decree No. 0, National Government – 12/31/69 | Guarded Mineducation.

SNIES: 104372, Res. No. 4747 of the Mineducación – 04/15/15, valid 15/04/22. Place of development: Popayán, Cauca, Colombia, South America.

These are the benefits of the international mobility programs of the EAN University:
You do short term academic missions to different countries, in order to approve credits

You get international certifications.

You perfect a second or third language.


Upon completion of the Master of Business Administration of Health you will have these skills and knowledge:

You will lead and direct organizations of the Colombian health sector and of social security in health, where you will contribute management, ethical and financial sustainability criteria, in order to guarantee the right of the health of the users.
You will carry out strategic studies, where research and deepening in the sector’s problems generate answers for an effective solution in the environment.
ou will make strategic decisions with vision, starting from the analysis of variables of the sector’s environment to the use of opportunities, with the objective of minimizing the impact of threats to the social security system in health.
Performance area:

Director of organizations providing health services, public health and social protection.Consultant for the
formulation, execution and control of health actions for the country.
Own company manager focused on consulting in the management of the provision of health services, public health and social protection.
Study plan
(52 Credits)

Nuclear Training (32 Credits)

Environment of the health organization (3 credits)
This unit seeks to analyze and reflect critically on the economic, political and social context of Health Systems and the interactions they generate with healthcare service providers, so that management and interaction strategies are developed. to improve attention in the provision of services and contribute to the guarantee of the right to health.

Ethics and social responsibility (3 credits)
The role of management in health services and the comprehensive guarantee of the right to health of citizens and their communities, requires a reflection of professional practice from ethical thinking. In the unit, a position will be established around the role of the health service provider organization and its responsibilities to the state and society as a whole.

Health risk management (3 credits)
Health risk management appears as an efficient way to identify opportunities and help improve the functioning of organizations providing health recovery services, health insurers or public health institutions, whether public or private. The objective of risk management in health is to ensure that the process and its controls guarantee that risks are minimized and that the objectives of the organization are going to be achieved.

Management of the provision of health services (3 credits)
The manager or process leader in the health sector organizations must propose management models for the provision of health services, which are defined as the necessary mechanisms to guarantee access, optimize the use of resources and improve the quality of services that lend themselves to the population. In this component, students must recognize as fundamental elements the management of providers by level of complexity, the management of healthcare service networks and the management of clinic and disease

Marketing of health services (3 credits)
For the integral guarantee of health and sustainability of health sector organizations, the adoption of a health marketing strategy is necessary. This will depend on different factors among which are: sensitivity of the group, needs and expectations of the segments involved, adjustment of the social product and the market in terms of culture, communicability, compatibility, simplicity, accessibility, interaction, exposure to the media of communication and involvement of community leaders

Financial management (3 credits)
The disciplinary knowledge of financial accounting and costs in the health sector are used to determine, measure and quantify the wealth factors of the organizations of the sector, in order to serve for decision making and control. These techniques systematically and structurally produce financial information about the transactions made by entities and certain economic events that are identifiable and quantifiable, which affect the operation of health services. Knowing this information allows the manager or process leader to make timely and coherent decisions with the financial reality of the organization.

Management of insurance and social protection (4 credits)
The integrated and coordinated management of insurance and social protection, includes the management of financial risk, health risk, representation of the affiliate before the provider, articulation of services and quality assurance in the provision of the same, and of the companies insurers or those in charge of the management of social protection. The students of the Master’s program will discuss and design strategies for the organization of insurance, affiliation management, contracting management of providers, management of service authorization and medical audit from insurance, within the framework of the social insurance model implemented by the General System of Social Security in Health.

Management of human talent in health (2 credits)
Human resources are a fundamental part of health systems. Through the action of Human Talent in Health, access to health services and their quality is guaranteed. The relationship between the availability and quality of the management of health workers and the health outcomes of health systems are directly related. For this reason, the Master’s student should lead the mechanisms and environments that motivate workers in health sector organizations to motivate and productivity, all based on the precepts of respect for labor and health rights, generating decent work and decent.

Management of organizational change and leadership (2 credits)
The General Social Security System is in a constant process of transformation and adjustment, which forces sector organizations to establish continuous processes of change management. This is because a strategy that was successful in a specific context and time period, may not be successful for other organizations that operate in future situations and moments.

Audit, accreditation and quality management in health (3 credits)
The processes of auditing, accreditation and management of health quality are the systematic and continuous mechanism of evaluation and improvement of the quality observed, with respect to the expected quality of health care received by users. The leaders and managers of health sector organizations must manage the provision of health services to individual and collective users in an accessible and equitable manner and with high quality standards.

Management simulation (3 credits)
The students of the Master’s program require the resolution of their own and dynamic problems of the organization in Health. In this unit will be trained for the use of computer tools in particular, management simulators, and will be trained in competition on issues of strategy and organizational management.

Transversal Training (6 Credits)
Strategic thinking and global management (3 credits)
This unit of study is aimed at developing complex thinking skills, which allow students to understand organizations and the environment in a holistic way, using analysis models that transform isolated data into information with value for making strategic decisions calculated based on objective results and evidence, which contribute to business growth and positioning.

Business initiative and development (3 credits)
The study unit allows the student to identify the personal aspects related to his attitude to strengthen the decision to undertake a project to create a company; also know and prepare business plans from their own reflection and methodology of the EAN University.

Deepening – Electives I (3 Credits) AND II (3 Credits)

During these study units, students will choose, within a portfolio of electives, the units that they want to reinforce in hospital administration, public health, or social security.

Research (8 credits)

Research Seminar I and II (3 credits)
Degree project (5 credits)
NOTE: the opening of the electives is subject to a minimum number of students. The EAN University reserves the right to suspend or postpone the start of any of the programs, depending on the response it obtains from the interested parties to the call, as it reserves the right to make modifications to the study plans, focus methodological and teaching cloister.

The academic activities of the program that he / she studies will be able to incorporate materials and readings in other languages ??and it will be the responsibility of the student to achieve the understanding of them.

Data of interest
Employability rate of graduates of this master’s degree in Colombia: 87.5%

Average pay salary: $ 3,193,923

Source: Labor Observatory for Education, Ministry of Education.

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